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Jaxon Blue

Jaxon Blue is a champion Stud Dog owned by our kennel at  T3 Retrievers! He comes from breeders Jackie Mertens and Allison Sinclair, co-owners of  Topbrass Retriever located in Florida and Idaho. Topbrass is one of the well known and appreciated founders for the field golden retriever bred established over 45 years ago. Topbrass breeds only the highest quality of field golden retrievers. We chose Jaxon because of his bloodlines and history with Topbrass. We strive to give you the BEST Golden Retriever possible!

Jaxon passed all OFA Clearances including elbow,  patella, cardiac, and hip! Health clearances also include: NCL, Ichthyosis Clear, and OVER 100 other health clearances through Embark . As far back as I can research, Jax's lines are clean as a whistle! To find out more about Jaxon visit our STUD Services Page!


Jaxon Blue's bloodline is the trademark for what we represent at T3 Retrievers: hunting, service, and companion family dogs! 

Our boy has a thick, rich, and naturally shinny medium gold coat. It's thick to endure the cold weather, a medium length to stay warm, (but not interfere in the field) and his color is the traditional golden color we all love! He has a box shaped head and weighs around 70 pounds. 

Jaxon lives with my mom, Dianne, in Douglas, Wyoming. Although Jax has several highly qualified traits. His most important - companion. He is my mother's companion dog; she is his companion human. There's no separating the two; their bond is magical!

And because of his compassion, loyalty and obedience to my mother, I believe, he should be awarded the World's Largest Blue Ribbon!


To view Jaxon's Pedigree &Health Clearances 

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Jaxon is available for Stud Services. 
If you are interested in breeding your own litter, please contact Tiffany for more information.

Stud fee for Jaxon is $2,000

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Sire's Below Belong to Other Kennels
(Used as Stud dogs with our dam's at T3 Retrievers)


Amos belongs to Hunter's Golden Strike Retrievers. He is a top of the line Sire! His bloodlines and titles are outstanding! His personality is excellent as well. He is a very loyal companion, well mannered, and extremely friendly.

Amos holds several titles including:





  • 500 + POINTS.


AKC Registration

UKC Registration

 DNA Testing clearances

 OFA Elbows - normal

 OFA Eyes  - clear 

Heart - Cleared 

Hips - Excellent

Amos - What can I say about Awesome Amos? I thought Striker had tons of drive especially at a young age but this little guy managed to go 4 for 4 for his Started Title and achieved that by 7 1/2 months of age. He loves the game! We are very proud of him! He is also a very fast runner.

He is a son of FC AFC OTCH AFTCH MOTCH TNT'S Stanley Steamer MH FDHF, OBHF, AM. OTCH, OS, UDX X Porjay's Black Eyed Pea JH (Fergie)

So it's no wonder with a sire of this caliber, he has this natural drive and ability. He has been very well bred.

April 2, 2016 Amos Moses earned his Hunting Retriever Champion Title at the Southern Colorado HRC test.   We are so very proud of him.  He has worked hard at getting it and it is a well deserved title earned.  Those of you who have done this know how much time and work goes into training a dog of this caliber. 

Amos reached his 500 points on August 10, 2019 at the Platte Valley Hunt test.  We are very proud of him and also David as an amateur handler in achieving this goal!

Also in Amos is ranked #6th in the HRC magazine for 2019 top ten producing sires.  This is his first year for being ranked at all.  What another wonderful accomplishment for him.

Amos has done extremely well with all of his clearances. He has Excellent rated hips and has cleared on eyes, heart and elbows.   We have done some additional clearances and he has cleared on the PRA and PRA1 along with the Ichthyosis. Ichthyosis is a skin issue in the pups if both parents are carriers. However Amos should never produce a pup with such issues.

Amos ready.jpg
Amos & pheasant.jpg

Bullet is a AKC registered Field Golden Retriever. He holds a Junior Hunting Title. He is trained to retrieve game birds. He is friendly and has a great personality.

This sire belongs to Ponderay Golden Retrievers. Ponderay Goldens are well known for their hunting instincts. They take pride in their blood lines and accomplishments of their dogs. 

AKC registered golden retriever
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