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WD Doodles

Recently, T3 Retrievers partnered up with WD Doodles. We have expanded our business to offer you a rapidly growing and all around great breed, Golden Doodles!

Contact Tiffany Hegglund for more information to adopt

(307) 703-3945

Goldendoodles Make Incredible Companion Dogs!

An adorable mix between the Golden Retriever and Poodle, Goldendoodles are the ultimate combination of good looks, smart wits, and playfulness. The hybrid is known as a “designer breed” because they were bred to have the lovable qualities of both of their parents. Keep in mind, though, that because they're a mix, it's hard to know how much of each parent they inherit.

Goldendoodles are affectionate, intelligent, and low-shedding dogs, they inherited some of the best traits from their parent breeds. You’d have a hard time finding a more loving companion dog!

Got Allergies?

Poodles don't shed and are very athletic and intelligent, while Golden Retrievers are lovable and playful family dogs. The mix makes the Goldendoodle a great choice for a lifelong pal, especially for those with mild pet allergies, though no dog is completely hypoallergenic. It should be noted, again, that goldendoodles are a mixed breed, and it's difficult to tell which traits they will eventually inherit. Some Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic and most don’t even shed, making them great for handlers with allergies, or those who want to avoid constantly picking up the vacuum. It is important to realize, however, that all dogs have dander (dead skin cells), saliva, and urine, where allergens exist, so there is no guarantee a Goldendoodle won't set off an allergic reaction.

Goldendoodles are Natural Athletes!

Energetic and playful, Goldendoodles love to exercise. They’re happy to laze around on the sofa (and they make great cuddle buddies), but agility is where they shine. These dogs are great companions for active families. Goldendoodles typically weigh between 50 and 100 pounds and love going on long walks, runs, and hikes with their owners. Playing fetch and frisbee are one of their favorite games to play! They love outdoor adventures!

Goldendoodles are Extremely Friendly!

While not all are this way, most goldendoodles are known to become fast friends with children, cats, and other dog breeds, making them an ideal dog for a family pet. In addition, those who prefer peace and quiet will love them; they often don’t even bark after a knock on the door. Although this doesn't make them the best watch dogs, their calm demeanor is part of what makes Goldendoodles so friendly!

Goldendoodles Love the Water!

Most Goldendoodles have an instinctive love-love relationship with swimming, whether in a lake, at the beach, or in your backyard swimming pool. A great thing in the summer when the whole family is enjoying the outdoors, but you do need to be watchful at times—and stand clear when your Goldendoodle decides to shake off all that water.

Goldendoodles can be Colorful!

Goldendoodles' coats are a cute mix of their parent breeds’—it’s not nearly as curly as a Poodle’s, but is shaggier than a Golden Retriever’s. They can be orange, cream, dark brown, gray, or black in color. Some are even multiple colors.

Looking for a Service Dog?

The Poodle’s intelligence and Golden Retriever’s obedience makes this breed wonderful service animals. If you’re in need of a guide dog or therapy dog, look no further. They’re also great companion pets for hospital patients or people in nursing homes. For anyone needing a little cheering up, their happy demeanor will bring an instant smile to anyone's face.

Healthy Pets!

Both parents have been examined and approved for breeding through our Veterinary Clinic.


Lucy is the mother (Dam). She is a pure breed AKC Registered English Retriever. Lucy is 3 years old. She is up-to-date on all vaccinations and has been approved to breed. Lucy currently has had two outstanding and beautiful litters. She is a very loving and caring mother and takes great care of her puppies!

Charlie is the father (Sire). He is a pure breed AKC Registered Standard Poodle. Charlie is 3 years old. He is up-to-date on all vaccinations and has been approved to breed. He throws a variety of colors to his offspring. He is extremely intelligent, friendly, and humble. He is very proud of his puppies!

All puppies at six weeks of age receive their first set of vaccinations, deworming as a prevention, and have a wellness check examined by the vet. All records of our veterinary visit will be available to you.

Upcoming Litters

Currently we have a litter on the way! Puppies will be ready to go home April!

If you are interested in adopting a Goldendoodle, then contact Tiffany Hegglund (owner of T3 Retrievers) at 307-703-3945


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How to Adopt a Goldendoodle Puppy

If you are interested in adopting a Goldendoodle puppy, then fill out the Puppy Application by clicking the link below. Then send the application and a deposit of $300 to us!

Mail in application to:

WD Doodles

10 Tiffany Lane

Orin, Wyoming


If you are approved to adopt, and have send in a deposit of $300, then you may pick out your puppy! You may set up a puppy visit, or we can send you pictures, videos, and even FaceTime with you to pick out your puppy. (This works well with people who live long distance from us).


Now accepting applications for our next litter ready to go home April 2021!



Contact Tiffany Hegglund for more information to adopt

(307) 703-3945

To view our contract agreement click on the button below!

Pictures of Our Puppies!

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